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Decorative Dried Plants

The wedding hair and makeup industry is very saturated and while high competitiveness can be daunting, I believe there is space for everyone. Finding your unique voice, the immediate value that you give your clients will make a noticeable change to your business.

I combined my background in business management, extensive experience in the wedding hair and makeup industry and love for helping people to create this program, aimed to help wedding hairstylists and makeup artists to navigate their journey to success.

What you get?

  • Help to define your individual strength and find your niche

  • An outline of your personal growth plan

  • Support and guidance when dealing with difficult situations

  • Ideas and potential perspectives of making your business more profitable in the long run

  • Confidence boost, inspiration and motivation for evolvement

  • Ideas on creating social media presence

  • Honest, open, non-judgemental approach and full confidentiality

Who will benefit from this program?

It is aimed at freelance wedding hairstylists and makeup artists, leaders and entrepreneurs, who are seeking for improvement. 


The framework of the program totally depends on your needs. It is normally a 90-minute consultation with potential follow-up sessions.

Find out about my hair styling classes for beginners and experienced hair stylists

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