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Who is this class suitable for?

Beginners guide to wedding hair styling is designed for those who are willing to start their career as a wedding hairstylist. It is suitable for hairdressers who work in a salon and have interest in bridal hair and makeup artists who would like to expand their business and wedding hair styling to their services range.


What is the duration of the course?

It is normally a one or two day course (5hr a day)

What is the price?

£350 for one day or £625 for two days

What is included?

In this course you will be given all the essential information needed to create modern hairstyles required by discerning brides.

You will learn:

  • To create a variety of modern, effortless yet long-lasting hairstyles

  • To work with different hair types

  • To create volume and to make backcombing invisible

  • To achieve neat, smooth finish

  • To create texture in hair

  • To conceal pins and grips

  • To work with the frontal area (the most important aspect of the whole hairstyle!)

  • To build your essential toolkit

  • Get tips on building your portfolio, advertising and getting your first bookings

The main part of the course is hands-on practice (life model is highly recommended)

After the completion of the course, there is an opportunity to have a real 'behind the scenes' wedding experience.


Have you already got some experience in wedding hair?

Book in for one-day Progression Training

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