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Surfer girl’s hair with L'Oréal Professionnel Tecni.ART Beach Waves

Era of tight crispy ringlets is gone forever (I hope so!) and tousled beach waves appear on top of Pinterest search, including bridal hair pins. This trend is gaining its popularity alongside the overall movement towards natural effortlessness which took over polished and over-glam looks.

Here a sea salt spray comes to the scene. This is a great product to create textured, free spirit hair styles.

However, when a bride says she wants her hair “effortless and relaxed”, you know that this indeed means you will have to put a certain amount of effort to bring her wish to reality. True, beach waves as a wedding hairstyle is not the same as just a summer weekend updo, although this term is often used by brides.

How to use sea salt spray to style bridal hair?

I use straighteners or a wand to curl hair and leave it to cool down for a minute. Then I spray each section with L’Oreal Beach Waves and slightly brush through the hair with my fingers. It defines strands, slightly loosens curls and helps to create a lot of texture and movement. This style looks fascinating on highlighted hair and ombre. Also, I normally slightly mist hair with a hairspray at the very end.

Sea Salt spray is a perfect product to use for hair prep – apply it on curls before pinning hair up in a tousled textured bun.

Be careful: don’t spray too much as it will make hair flat.

Why I love Tecni.ART Beach Waves by L’Oreal Professionnel?

“It smells of holiday…” dreamy murmumed one of my clients on her bridal hair trial. Yes, its scent is an absolute indulgence. Not that I would use a product only because I like its smell (possibly I would 😊), though I find that often strong aromas become annoying after I use them for a few months. Fortunately, this didn’t happen with Tecni.ART Beach Waves.

  • This spray is relatively dry in comparison with other salt sprays I’ve used before which means it doesn’t straighten curls (who would like to take that risk on a wedding day!)

  • Although it has matt finish, it doesn’t make ends dry or tangled.

  • It is easy to comb hair through after using this spray and clients don’t have to wash their hair immediately after using it.

I hope this post will help you with your beautiful creations. Different new hair styling products is one of the things that often inspire me.

Would you like to know more and learn how to use various products and tools to style hair? Book in for my training class and find out about all my tips and tricks, learn how to create elegant modern hair styles and become more confident working with clients.


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