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Are you admiring those sleek and full wedding hairstyles that your brides bring you as a reference? Achieving that clean finish can seem tricky, yet it’s not totally impossible. Let’s talk about how you can approach this challenge and what to do to make your updos look like those seen on Pinterest and Instagram.

Prep Is Key

Every somewhat experienced hairstylist will agree that prepping your client’s hair has a paramount effect on the outcome, but what exactly do they mean?

Well, first, hot tools. Depending on the hair texture you will either blow dry it with a hairdryer and a round brush, curl with tongs or use straighteners. Perhaps the latter is the most versatile option. You can create a super sleek finish, curl, and lift the roots – all using one single tool – straighteners. Well, this, of course, is a matter of personal choice.

Then, again, depending on the hair type, you will work in some product. Be it a texturizing spray, setting spray, hair oil or even some light hold hairspray, this step will ensure your client’s hair is more manageable. Products are great to create texture, volume and moisturise dry hair.

What shall you do first – apply products or curl/straighten?

If you use a hairdryer, of course, it makes sense to apply a mousse or spray first. However, when it comes to hot tools, I strongly recommend using any products afterwards. It’s a good practice to use heat protection first. Although you must make sure that hair is totally dry because if you apply a wet spray and then use tongs (pshhhh), you will cause far more harm than without thermal protection.

Finishing Products

Now you have your perfectly prepped hair; you backcombed those areas where you want to achieve more lift, and here they are – flyaways.

So first, use some cream to tame those down. Essentially, a smooth finish = flyaways gently glued to the rest of the strands.

The closest alternative to the famous Tame Wild that I could find is a Moisturising Fluid by Davines. It’s runnier and a little bit sticky but in general, works just fine. If none of these words are known to you, I apologise for using jargon. I tried to design this post to be helpful to the widest audience in our narrow niche – from complete beginners to more seasoned wedding hairstylists.

You rub some cream between your fingers and run them over a strand of hair from the root to the mid-length, trying to tame those sticking-out strands.

Once you are semi-happy with the results, you pin the strands in place and start working on ‘killing’ those last, annoying flyaways. There are a couple of products that can help, like a pump spray (liquid hairspray) or a spray wax.

Fork Comb

However, nothing happens with spraying alone – you need to stick those pesky hairs to the base, and a fork comb is absolutely the best tool for it. The long metal teeth glide on the surface and give you a perfect level of precision, whilst not disturbing the volume and texture that you have lovingly created.

If you work on a curly bun, I suggest working on every strand, following the pattern of the curl. It is quite a labour of love, although once you get the results that you want, you’ll never want to go back.

I hope this was helpful. Please feel free to share your thoughts and experiences with me, as well as ask questions. I’d be eternally grateful if you shared this article with whoever benefits from reading it.

If you are interested in practicing this and other techniques under my guidance, please feel free to enquire about my bridal hair training.

Olga xx



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