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Would you like to take your hair styling skills to a new level?

Learn easy, understandable techniques which will allow you to create any hairstyle. You won’t need to copy my or anyone else’s schemes and create hairstyles which all look the same. Instead, I will share my routines which will allow you to be creative and use them in a variety of different ways, while nurturing your own unique style.

As you might have noticed, trying to recreate a hair updo seen on video often turns out not as simple and straightforward, causing frustration and giving up. I truly believe that the only way to achieve an excellent level of hair styling is through constant practicing – seeing and knowing is not always enough. Therefore, a big part of my lessons consists of hands on; I also encourage my students to keep practicing and ask me any questions afterwards. My goal is to help you to come to the next level and become more successful, efficient and proud of yourself. 

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This class is designed for those wishing to learn how to put hair up. You will get in-depth information about various techniques, tools and products. In this class you will learn how to achieve volume and make hair look smooth and textured. 

Knowing these various basic techniques, you will be able to achieve any of modern hairstyles as seen on Pinterest and Instagram.

Progression bridal hair training class is suitable for hairstylists with some experience in wedding hair  who wish to perfect their skills, learn new techniques and bring their business to the new level.
I will share all my secrets, step-by-step show you how to achieve some popular styles, most required by the brides and guide you through the whole process.

This program is an essence of my whole 10 years of experience in the wedding industry compressed to a 90 minute session.
Bespoke and focused on your individual needs, wedding business consultations cover such topics as finding your niche, creating a successful online presence, gaining more bookings, increasing your average income from a single booking, communication with clients and dealing with difficult situations. 


Olga Markuse also known as @bridal_hairstylist

  • 10 years of experience as a wedding hair stylist and makeup artist

  • Over 500 happy brides

  • Three years of teaching wedding hair

  • Trained with the industry leaders - @tonyastylist and @lenabogucharskaya

  • Built a brand from zero to fully booked in 18 months

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At the moment all of the classes are running on 1:1 basis.

If you would like to book a training for your salon, please get in touch for details.


Thank you for submitting! I will get in touch with you in the next two days.

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