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I provide 1:1 wedding hair training in my workspace located near Southampton (SO53).

The philosophy of this course is to help you understand the core principles of styling hair and then use this knowledge to create any hairstyle you want. Once you master the essential techniques, you will look at any photo that your client brings you and know how to make this style. You will also watch any video online and be able to recreate it.

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What to expect from your bridal hair training

In a 6-hour lesson you will learn how to:
-    Backcomb efficiently 
-    Create volume and perfect proportions
-    Achieve a smooth finish
-    Create texture 
-    Face frame like a pro
-    Make soft but lasting waves


You will also find out everything about products and tools that will help you achieve amazing results.

Typically, I demonstrate 2-3 hairstyles based on your preferences. Approximately 40% of the class time is your hands-on practice.

My classes are suitable for different levels of experience and are always tailored to the individual needs of everyone. 

You will be able to contact me with any questions after the class and get support via text, phone or audio messages.


Why do you need in-person wedding hair training?

The main value of a 1:1 bridal hair lesson is that you can get support and guidance to hone your skills and, as a result, significantly improve your technique. It’s like going to gym classes VS having a PT. Often you know what you are doing but still not quite getting the results that you want. This is the moment when a more experienced and knowledgeable stylist can walk you through those steps and help to advance your technique.

However, if you are completely new to the industry, it might be even better because you will avoid some common mistakes and quickly progress to a new level. Feeling more confident when you start working with brides will allow you to skip those few first extremely stressful experiences.

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What is my ‘why’?

I love hair and I think it hugely affects the way you feel, especially when it comes to such a special day as a wedding. My goal is to make as many people as possible have beautiful hair and feel their best selves. I enjoy doing it not only personally but through sharing my knowledge with my students, who will make their clients super happy.

Why take this bridal hair class?

Developing your skills and level of technique will enable you to provide a better experience for your brides, build a stronger social media presence and thus attract your dream brides and earn more money.

You will walk away more confident, inspired and with a wealth of knowledge.

What is the cost of the class?

The cost of the 1:1 class is £350 for one day or £625 for two days.

Book with a friend for a 1:2 class for £265 per person for one day or £375 per person for two days.


Thank you for submitting! I will get in touch with you in the next two days.

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